Episode #13 – Dead Man’s Chip

by | Feb 8, 2022

Would you eat a dead man’s chip for $1,000.00?


  1. Candy

    This is crazy !! Poor guy. I wonder what happened to the son after 😢 … and I wouldn’t eat a dead’s man chip OR eat a butthole not for money and not for free lol I don’t eat weird shit. I stick to my comfort zone when it comes to eating ! Haha

    • Jillian

      First of all, I was dry heaving through most of this podcast. 😂. Then you had me crying at the end. All the feels. I would eat the chip for maybe 100,000. Love you.

      • Jillian

        Oh and I’ll take a hard pass on the butthole as well.

    • The Walls Do talk

      LOL You got to venture out! Love you Candy

  2. The Walls Do talk

    I love you! Even if you don’t do buttholes lol.


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